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Pet Doctor - Baby Dog Care


Hi, we are happy that you have chosen to visit us, coming just when we need help for our dog to make him to feel better. We know that you will do very well with everything you need to do. With this dog care game for kids you'll be able to practice for a beautiful job, namely doctor. Being a doctor is a wonderful thing, a doctor saves many lives and is always highly appreciated. Today, through this game with veterinarians you will be able to have the most important role, namely you could be the best doctor in town. Paco is our puppy and you will like very much to know him, you will see that the dog is very playful and very friendly. It goes every day to play in the park but today had an accident and desperately needs the help of a doctor.We know that you're the best doctor and the dog is in good hands. Here you will be able to prove to everyone that you are a very responsible child.Follow all instructions.Success!- At first you will notice that Paco is walking in the park;- It runs and falls, is injured and is now in need of help;- He has to go to the clinic;- Disinfect wounds;- Apply a lotion which will treat the wound;- Make a radiograph;- Bandage wounds;- Now you need to take care of the puppy's teeth;- Clean teeth;- Eliminates bacteria;- Treat caries;- Now his teeth are healthy;- You are a very good dentist;- Paco wants to eat;- Offer his favorite food;- Do not forget to give him milk;- Wash the dog;- Wash the fur with shampoo;- Dries the fur;- Choose the most beautiful accessories;- You are a wonderful friend.
Thank you for help, please come back every day through this game with animals.
Have fun!